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July 8, 2024

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Planning a wedding in Los Angeles means you have access to some of the most talented wedding photographers in the country. Here are some of the top wedding photographers to consider for capturing your special day:

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  1. Lin & Jirsa Photography
    • Known for blending fashion, fine art, and photojournalism, Lin & Jirsa create timeless, vibrant photos. Their creative and diverse approach ensures unique and romantic wedding albums.
    • Lin & Jirsa Photography
  2. Breana Isley Photography
    • Breana Isley Photography offers a personalized approach and keen eye for detail, capturing every moment with elegance. Her team is known a unique blend of editorial, fine art, and photojournalistic style. This blend captures every moment with elegance and authenticity, resulting in timeless keepsake art and albums you’ll treasure for generations.
    • Breana Isley Photography
    • Phone: 424-247-6435
  3. The Big Affair
    • Specializing in bold, editorial-style wedding photography, The Big Affair captures dramatic and elegant photos that stand the test of time. Their contemporary design focus makes every picture a masterpiece.
    • The Big Affair
  4. The Sanadas
    • This husband-and-wife team excels at capturing joyful and spontaneous moments. Their fly-on-the-wall perspective results in authentic and playful wedding photos.
    • The Sanadas
  5. Callaway Gable
    • Known for their “new-fashioned” style, Callaway Gable combines whimsy and drama to create artistic and lighthearted wedding photos. Their work has been featured in top wedding magazines.
    • Callaway Gable
  6. Duke Images
    • Duke Khodaverdian specializes in luxury wedding photography with a fashion-forward approach. His work makes couples look like movie stars, capturing the glamour of their special day.
    • Duke Images
  7. Kevin Dinh Photography
    • Former graphic designer Kevin Dinh brings a keen eye for detail and narrative to his wedding photography. His vibrant and emotive photos tell a compelling story of your wedding day.
    • Kevin Dinh Photography
  8. The “I Do” Photography
    • Originally a brother and sister duo, this team creates glowing, emotional portraits that highlight the genuine love and respect between couples. Their work captures the real emotions of the day.
    • The “I Do” Photography

For couples looking to capture their wedding day with a blend of artistry, elegance, and authenticity, these photographers offer a range of styles and expertise to ensure your wedding photos are nothing short of spectacular.

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